Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still the first day...and I'm already in trouble with my title

Oh my goodness. A friend just emailed me to ask if I had seen the brew-ha-ha between Sarah Palin and Rahm Emmanuel. Emmanuel had called something, "F***ing Retarded." "In a posting on her Facebook page Monday, former GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin called on Obama to fire Emanuel. Palin, whose son Trig suffers from Down syndrome, said Emanuel's language was "heartbreaking" and a "slur on all God's children."
I didn't realize when I began this BLOG (this morning!) that things would get so juicy right off the bat. I thought I could ease into this format. Not. Evidently not.
Here's my stance: I spend just about 24/7 hours/days with my son. He is precious. It's also a hard life. Caring for him is relentless. It's just the way it is. It's my "thing" in life. It's what I was given. I am allowed to say the word retarded. But, here's the rub: You're not. Well, not unless you, too, are caring for (or are) a retarded person. You haven't earned your stripes. (Gosh, there has to be some payoff. Stripes are good. Did you think there was going to be money???)
Anyway, Sarah Palin is not my favorite person on the planet. This is my judgemental self talking, but she left her newborn son to campaign around the clock for months. For being such a family person, she was not walking the walk.
This BLOG is not about SP. I just found it interesting that the word "Retarded" was an exposed lightning rod today. Hmm.


  1. You sure have earned those stripes many times over. I think they should be golden!

  2. Sarah did not leave her son bereft. Trig was in the protective care of his 8 yr old sister. Responsible journalism, please!

  3. you learned how to do all this in 8 minutes? quicker study than I. After 28minutes I've just completed the "how to comment" manual.
    I'm soooooooo retarded too. And/or as mama~ The Rev. Daisy would phrase it~ I can be downright "imbecilic", legitimately!

  4. It' for sure...
    ain't what we do for "them". it's what they do for us.

    does that lady who writes for oprah know you're up to this?? PLEASE fwd her way.

  5. you've always had a gift for writing and telling your sotry. Thanks so much for sharing with the world.


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