Thursday, December 20, 2012

Miracle Knees

For all of the years that I taught middle school, my "kids" always made fun of my bountiful knees!  Undoubtedly when I wore skirts that showed my knees,  one of them would call out, "Ms. Causey!  You gots THREE sets of knees!" I always bristled at these words because, well....."don't no woman want three sets of knees!"
I have always seen this part of myself as something wrong or flawed or bad. 
(I inherited them from my mother.  Thanks, Mattie May!)
But....Today when Taylor went and found his scooter after a year of ignoring it completely..I was overcome with awe and joy and complete and utter thanksgiving!
I fell on my knees (which is risky because then I have to get back up.)
I quickly whipped out my phone, took a little video and texted it to my sisters. 
Within a few minutes, I received such a perfect reply: "I hope your knees get all calloused from all of the miracles that you going to see!"
Because I am true believe that ALL things come to us as gifts and in the service of healing, it occurred to me that it IS a great thing that I DO have three sets of knees.
I am going to need them.
 Miracle Knees---Bring on the callouses!