Sunday, April 7, 2013

Role Reversal.....or Is It?

Taylor's father has lung cancer.  Hopefully all of the slash and burn modern medicines are shrinking a very large tumor.   In the midst of this, Joe (Taylor's dad) has a hip that is giving him fits.  A year ago, we were living in angst just watching Taylor live with so much pain.  Now, as Taylor is healing, it is he, Taylor, who is caring for his dad.  Isn't it so interesting and amazing in life how ebb and flow keeps a constant cycle in motion in all of our lives?  Sometimes we get to be the person serving others.  Other days/hours/weeks, we are humbled into receiving the care and compassion of others.  To the naked, untrained eye, it might appear that Taylor has been on the "taking" end of things for most of his life.  But, when all of the silt settles----and when we are still and taking serious stock in what's what in our lives, it is clear that this sweet and innocent little guy has been giving to us all along.   I so often forget to see with new eyes.   The landscape is so amazing through a lens of pure love.