Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thank you for the donuts.

Taylor's precious older brother had to have a heart-to-heart/very difficult conversation with me last week.  He said,  "Mom, face it:  people like Taylor are marginalized.  You have got to accept this "
    I cried.  I do not want this to be true.   But if I am honest, I have to accept that what Cole was telling me is true---in the world in which I live.
Frankly, for years, I was one of the worst "marginalizers"  around.   I did not go out of my way to make folks who were different feel welcomed and included.   What's so weird is that I have always viewed myself as being so big-hearted and open-minded.  BUT....nope.  I was not an "includer" of those who were not like me.
I sat with my group, socialized with my group, and lived within my normal group boundaries.
      Now, I see it all  from the flip side. My group has changed.  I hang out with people who ride the "short bus".  (Don't laugh. You know what I'm talking about.) 
 I am  now on the outside looking in.
  Honestly, it  leaves me feeling vulnerable many days. It took being a mother to this marginalized miraculous gift- of- a-son to explode my heart----upsetting my deeply rooted beliefs about.....well....about everything.
    Who could not love this boy of mine?  I really do not get it. 

But, marginalized he is---for real.
I am thankful on both of my knees that I was not allowed  in this life to miss out on learning such profound lessons and truths---about what really matters.
Thank you, God, for the donuts.
And for all of us---whether we're outcasts or in-casts, thank you, as we learn.
And that's my prayer.