Friday, May 18, 2012

Surgery---Our Reality Summit

Sitting here in ICU with my beloved son (with ONE of my beloved sons!).   I have never hada  child who needed a breathing tube, feeding tube and a catheter.   I have cried a lot and lost my cool at times. I have not been brave when I wanted to be.  But,  I know that Taylor is in good hands any way you want to see that. 
   I am thankful for insurance, for a skilled neurosurgeon, and for the many miracles that got us to this place.  We have met other families here in the ICU with poignant and riveting stories.  This is where the fragile side of life shows up bare naked.  It's amazing to me what families go through. 
   And then I can look out this window at the city of Chicago.  The NATO summit is gearing up---but I don't care.   Maybe I should.  Do any of those delegates have a son in ICU today?  I wonder.  My world seems so small and yet I am being carried by an expansive network of loving friends from all over the world.  We are holding our own summit.
  I KNOW you are  out there because we feel you  IN HERE with us. 

The Day Before Surgery