Friday, October 23, 2015

Music from the Heart

     My brother-in-law, Gary, sings opera, loves opera,  and knows opera.  Gary has often said that the tenor,  Mario Del Monaco  had the kind of voice that could awaken the soul and music in anyone who heard him.  Yesterday, Taylor heard Del Monaco sing.  Right here in our kitchen.  Aunt Martha worked the computer. As soon as brother Cole saw Taylor's response to the music, he began filming.  Taylor sang from his heart.   Unabashedly.  Openly.  Freely.  With gusto.
 His soul was talking/connecting/singing back to the tenor who had awakened  something inside of him.
      This is a rendering of a  raw, unfiltered music connection ----straight  to the heart/ears/soul of a precious human who has no preconceptions about what "good" music is.  Taylor just sang what he heard.  Would that we could all sing and dance----as if no one were watching.
      Sing on, Taylor.
      Sing on---each of us.