Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thank you for the donuts.

Taylor's precious older brother had to have a heart-to-heart/very difficult conversation with me last week.  He said,  "Mom, face it:  people like Taylor are marginalized.  You have got to accept this "
    I cried.  I do not want this to be true.   But if I am honest, I have to accept that what Cole was telling me is true---in the world in which I live.
Frankly, for years, I was one of the worst "marginalizers"  around.   I did not go out of my way to make folks who were different feel welcomed and included.   What's so weird is that I have always viewed myself as being so big-hearted and open-minded.  BUT....nope.  I was not an "includer" of those who were not like me.
I sat with my group, socialized with my group, and lived within my normal group boundaries.
      Now, I see it all  from the flip side. My group has changed.  I hang out with people who ride the "short bus".  (Don't laugh. You know what I'm talking about.) 
 I am  now on the outside looking in.
  Honestly, it  leaves me feeling vulnerable many days. It took being a mother to this marginalized miraculous gift- of- a-son to explode my heart----upsetting my deeply rooted beliefs about.....well....about everything.
    Who could not love this boy of mine?  I really do not get it. 

But, marginalized he is---for real.
I am thankful on both of my knees that I was not allowed  in this life to miss out on learning such profound lessons and truths---about what really matters.
Thank you, God, for the donuts.
And for all of us---whether we're outcasts or in-casts, thank you, as we learn.
And that's my prayer.


  1. Cole AND Taylor have the best mother in the world. God doesn't make mistakes and He hand picked you to be Taylor's mama. We all are on a steep learning curve, and do the best we can to get through our daily lives. For as long as I've known you, you've been nothing but big-hearted, open minded and accepting of people. You taught us that every Sunday in Sunday school. You are an
    amazing woman and I'm honored to know you!


Thank you so much for your comments. I know it's scary to put yourself out there. I really appreciate your being on this journey with me. You really are brave..